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"Lessons From Adam Lambert" By One of His Former Classmates + Photos

Adams conviction to live out his passion regardless of how he is perceived on the outside...

And no, i'm not talking about singing lessons...

By now, if you pay any kind of attention to American Pop Culture, you're sure to have heard of Adam Lambert: The freshly minted 2nd place runner up in American Idol Season 8.  Although he did not come out victorious as the official Idol Champion, Adam had successfully captured the heart and attention of a nation and the world.  With his amazing singing chops, stage presence and personal style, many have dubbed him the "most exciting american idol contestant" of all time.

Adam's graduation from Mt. Carmel High School, San Diego

While I won't make this hub a resource for where to find his inspiring performances, I'd rather shine some light on Adam's past, and the road to success in which we all have the potential to realize for ourselves.  

Adam Lambert poses for a portrait at age 12 in 1994

Personally, the recent phenomena that Adam has become is something that hits close to home.  Growing up in San Diego, California I attended Mt. Carmel High School from 1996-2000.  It's kind of neat to know that Adam has put our high school on the map.  And due to my musical passion as well, I was able to enjoy high school choir concerts and musicals where Adam played leading roles most of the time. 

14-year-old Adam Lambert after performing the lead in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat with both his grandmothers Annette and Ora Marie at San Diego's Lyceum Theatre in 1999

I can still recall memories of Adam seemingly "in his own world" 5 minutes before choir class began, and he's just singing some a happy go lucky fashion.  In watching some post fame interviews, he claims "I was one of those weird kids in high school".  I can see where he's coming from, but "weird" to me is such a vague word.  He was definitely known on campus as a musical and arts guy.

From what I remember, he was pretty well liked and respected overall...but I also was aware of some jealousy and insecurity that he evoked around his musical peers...which is understandable in our adolescent years.

Adam Lambert in Mt. Carmel High School Airbands 2000 Play

Everyone knew he could out sing anyone on campus, and looking back at it now...he knew what his strengths were, yet didn't let it get to his head too much. More importantly, he did not let what others think weigh on him, or tone himself down for the sake of pleasing others.  This is the important lesson that I want to touch upon.  Adams conviction to live out his passion regardless of how he is perceived on the outside...

The Key To Adams Success

Though pundits can easily jab, "he's a natural" or "that's God given talent", the true measure for success is the ability to know one's self, one's passions' and what makes us feel alive: Then to go out in the world and make the most of ourselves, in harmony with what Life has to offer. Doing All of this, in the face of the challenges society imposes on us during various stages in our me that is what Real Success Means.  A success that is very personal and different for each individual living on this rock.

So I finally dragged out my old yearbooks. This is the @adamlambert that I remember – his jr. yr, my snr yr.
— Windy Day (@Faeries517) July 17, 2012

Adam never did win any "standout" awards in the yearbook such as "most likely to succeed" or "most likely to be famous". But knowing Adam (from what i knew), it didn't seem like those recognitions were relevant or important anyways.  He just did what he loved, and made sure he set up his life in which he can be and do what he loved more times than not.  Simple as that.  And while he could have taken counsel to people saying he should do this, or he can do that, or let any kind of negative opinions about him affect his life, he simply decided to stay true to himself. 

Adam Lambert poses for his senior year portrait at Mount Carmel High School in San Diego, California, in 2000

And to anyone who's ever heard that cliche, yet at times felt like caving into being someone else, or bending to what society or other peoples intentions...there is a risk involved in staying close to your beliefs.   The risk of not being "________". And this can vary from person to person. The risk of not being Liked, Accepted, Appreciated, Respected, Loved...and so on.

Mt. Carmel High School San Diego California

It's About Taking Risks

Fast forwarding to the near present, May 8, 2009 I found myself accompanying my mother (a huge idol fan) to go see Adam Lambert here at the Miramar Military Base.  Turns out it was the weekend which Adam was doing his whole "hometown" tour taping for American Idol thing.  It was pretty "big" news, and it was all over my social media circle (twitter, facebook).  Accompanied with a nice entourage of law enforcement, cruising in a comfy little SUV Limo, he stopped by to greet fans, military officials, a congressman, did some Q & A and sang the National Anthem.

Adam sings the National Anthem at Mirmar Naval Base

 One thing that stood out to me that day, sitting there just watching all these people respond to him with so much energy...was notion that I myself, and my generation of peers are beginning to reach our "prime". The prime of our lives.  What I believe, and hope people understand is that God (or whatever you believe in) has blessed EVERYONE with their own uniqueness and talents. Then it is our ability to embrace them, to explore ways to make the world a better place because of our uniqueness.  To do this...all in the face of everything "out there" that tempts us to be less than anything we want to truly a risk.  A risk worth taking every time, and is no wonder why the "cliche" is spoken so many times by "successful" people in the world who have seemingly "made it".  "Follow your dreams", "Take Risks" & "Don't be afraid of being different".  

Thanks Adam.  Particularly at this point in my life, where I'm striving to find my own path and "career"...those "cliche" words struck a chord with me with the bravado you've become famous for.  See Ya at our 10 year reunion next year...

HubPages 21 May 2009

Cjay858 from San Diego is a Personal Transformation and Growth Coach. What began as a hobby during college has evolved into a uniquely contagious passion. The art of getting what you want, and enjoying what you get out of life.

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  1. Hey fellow MC alumnus! I was not close to Adam in high school at all. Just said hello to him on occasion or mentioned him when going down memory lane. He was one of my better childhood friends in PQ. Your blog about Adam is so true! I wouldn't be willing to make the sacrifices and do the risk taking of a starving artist in Hollywood who became a huge star like Adam, but it is so great to know that things worked out for him. Thanks for your blog!

    It's about time someone recognizes that Adam Lambert is more than just about talent and discipline, but there is something greater that made his fame possible.