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Adam Lambert Will Attend Huading Awards in Shanghai Dec 18 + All White Affair at M1NT + Queenbert News

Chinese Huading Awards. Adam was nominated for favorite international singer and Fans Choice Award. Adam will be walking the red carpet around 5:00 pm local time.

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Chinese Article About Adam's Nomination and his competition w/ Bieber for the award
Chinese parents want Adam to win the award because Bieber's been a bad boy.
Chinese Article Translated

"Adam Lambert is the "American Idol" launched by far the most eye-catching players, wild rock, flirtatious gestures, iconic smoked in five major awards nominations, Adam Lambert and Justin Bieber have access to "the world's most popular male singer", "Chinese fans' Choice Award two nominations. But the negative news has been prepared to be wrapped Bieber, will board the headlines in bursts, so parents Starchaser is very anxious that the current Internet voting results Adam Lambert better."


Adam is nominated for Global Male Singer and Chinese Fan's Choice Awards at the Huading Awards in Shanghai

Seems Adam will attend the ALL WHITE AFFAIR at M1NT also:
He will walk the red carpet there at 9 pm and attend the awards show earlier.  The M1NT event starts at 10 pm.  Not sure if Adam will do anything beyond their red carpet. Shanghai time is 13 hours ahead of EST.
Hope we get a red carpet walk like the one at MAMA!

Adam's publicist @Shoshannastone tweeted a smiley when asked about this news. 
shoshanna stone ‏@shoshannastone  @ModestYChild @glam_alidol unless they ask us to

M1NT Facebook:

a chinese news site reported @adamlambert would attend Huading 华鼎 awards too

More about the Huading Awards: Hollywood Stars to Attend China's Version of the Oscars.  Old article, but gives context to these awards shows that Hollywood is taking seriously:

I posted Adam Lambert's Shanghai Arrival Photos & Video here:
and here

I was expecting a sneak attack!

19 hours ago

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Queen: 'We'll be working with Adam Lambert again in 2014 '

Rock icons discuss new album and future plans

Queen drummer Roger Taylor has opened up about the band's plans for the year ahead, revealing that they should be working with Adam Lambert again in 2014. 
Lambert toured with the for a number of years, stepping in for the late, great frontman Freddie Mercury. Now. in a new interview with , the drummer Taylor was asked about the band's future working relationship with the American Idol winner - adding that they'll be hitting the road in 2014.

"It was a one-off but it went really fantastically well," he said. "He's really come on even more.  He's a real dark force now.  And he's very theatrical.  And he really interprets our just brilliantly. And he has that incredible instrument, that voice and I feel he's going away from the pop thing which is good I think.  And he's becoming a serious."

He added: "He's got a voice which is pretty unbeatable. I do think we will be working with Adam next year, yeah."

When asked about the long-awaited new Queen of previously unheard material, Taylor replied: "It's not demos actually, it's actual material that we recorded.

"I got to admit I'd forgotten about most of it because, you know, you work on a different everyday and then the ones that you don't end up actually developing, get forgotten. Some of it's very good actually. I'm quite surprised what they've come up. I think they're unheard songs. There's different things. It's all a bit of a mix at the moment and (Queen guitarist) Brian (May)'s working more on that than I am in the moment. I've been doing all this other stuff. But I will be getting together with him in the new year to finish what we've got there and then we're going to fashion some kind of album although the exact shape and form of it I'm not sure yet."

Meanwhile, guitarist Brian My also teased fans with promising :

Next gen Zodiacers & OG'sπŸ˜πŸ˜ŽπŸ’‹ @adamlambert @scarlettcherry @leecherry #kealarose #riffcherry

Adam's new plaid suit is Vivienne Westwood combo of this jacket & suit

Enhanced Plaid Jacket:


31 minutes ago
We say... "Give them the sex eyes" #jazz #LA#adamlambert #gorgeous @adamlambert πŸ˜˜


I'm in love with Mr @mdmolinari......and my always perfect @AdamLambert xoxox

Royalty Rope Management
End Of Year Party at the W Hotel Hollywood


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Me n the talented and sexy @adamlambert last nite.

enhanced more:





I just found this pic on my camera. oh gosh he's so beautiful! #adamlambert #throwback #wagtour #helsinki #beautiful #instago #instaphoto

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