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Adam & Sauli: "The Key", Lambski Fan Fiction

My brief fan fic drabble, born from this photo.  It's rather pedestrian, not very imaginative, little dialogue.  I just needed to vent, I guess.  Hope someone enjoys it anyway.  I'm posting this for those with the same hopes I have, so please no wank from those who want us to just move on.  I understand, but I miss their being in love.  Disclaimer: This is fantasy from my over invested brain.  I hope they both get exactly what they want out of life, whatever that is, together or apart. 

The Key

Sauli looked at the picture they took at the photo booth tonight.   Danielle, his dear, fun, American friend looked fierce and joyful. Adam's goofy face made him grin.  Sauli turned to him, smirked and said “You look cuckoo!”   He knew beneath Adam's silly demeanor were feelings Sauli hadn't dared to think about for a long time.

Adam's face, especially his eyes, when they'd reunited the day before, gave him the courage to think about Adam again in a way that had both scared him and made him hopeful.   Sauli hadn't secured a place to live yet and Adam had been eager that he stay with him until he did.

Sauli still had his key to Adam's apartment.  Adam thought he should keep it, just in case he might need it for one reason or another, like using his gym and shower, or Adam might need Sauli's help with something at his place while he was away.   Sauli felt the real reason was because a part of them wanted to hold on to each other in a tangible way.  Keys were symbolic to Adam.  He had a large one tattooed on his arm, and one in a huge painting on his wall, so Sauli didn't think a key was just a key.  Sauli kept it safely zipped up in the pocket of his leather jacket even when he was in Finland.

Airport snafus made Sauli so late getting to LA, he just wanted to crash when he got to Adam's place.  Adam had said to let himself in, so he did.   His bags had been lost and he was exhausted, but the moment he opened the door, all the stress disappeared, and what he felt was unexpected.  He felt no anxiety about seeing Adam for the first time in several months.  Instead, Sauli simply felt he'd returned to a safe place where he was loved.    

Sauli heard Adam's footsteps coming closer and closer, and then there he was, in the flesh.  His hair was ruffled, he had ginger scruff Sauli adored, and he was wearing a t-shirt and jeans. Adam gave him an excited “Moi!” and enveloped him in a warm hug, saying “Oh my god, Sauli, oh my god” as he kept hugging him and Sauli hugged back.  Feeling Adam's hands through his leather jacket, memories flooded in, all the way back to their first hug on the street in Helsinki, and all their subsequent hello and goodbye hugs.  Adam finally let go.  Then they stepped back, held hands and looked at each other, their eyes glistening with emotion. 

They'd both fallen in love with each other's eyes before they'd fallen in love with each other, back in Finland the night they met. Once they looked into each others' eyes at Jenny Woo's they couldn't stop.  Usually they were crystal clear, bright, Sauli's like pools of Bora Bora water and Adam's exotic like his spirit wolf. Now their feelings spilled out via their eyes.  It wasn't like seeing an old friend after a long time.  No, this felt like a reunion of soul mates who should never have been apart.   

Sauli took off his jacket and Adam's eyes widened and he said, "Wow, you look different. Skating has really changed your body." Sauli said with a crooked smile, "My butt is firmer than ever", and cocked his head.  Adam reached around him with both arms and squeezed both cheeks.  "Yeah, I seeeee!" and they both cracked up laughing.   Neither wanted to rush things, so they were really laughing at themselves, feeling things and not sure how to act with each other. "Pilates changed you, too!  You look great!"  It was a strange mix of awkward and familiar, but it felt good because love was in that room.   

They talked for hours, catching up, and cuddled and slept entwined the rest of the night.  When they awoke, Adam pressed his OOFTA tattoo against Sauli's and said "I missed this.  I missed you.  I missed us."  Then it really was like old times, hotter than ever.  Sauli wasn't sure where it would lead but he didn't care. He felt he was back home where he belonged.

Partying with Danielle the next evening felt like being back with family.  Sauli told her he wanted to take things day by day, and not worry about the future.   It had only been a couple of days, but he believed Adam felt the same way since he'd asked him not to look for another place to live and to give them a chance again.

Sauli wasn't sure if this was the wisest move, but despite their history and their breakup, Adam made him feel safe and he was sure Adam felt safe with him. Their trust never wavered in all the time they'd been apart. They'd been in touch almost daily.  They always knew each had the other's back and that they genuinely cared for each other.  They were each other's biggest cheerleaders.  

Sauli knew he had to decompress, and they needed to resolve some issues, but Sauli's successes in Finland gave him new strength. Challenges excited him now,  and he believed he would succeed if he put in the effort to make it happen.  His new modeling contract allowed him to work in the US, and his TV show would be taped in LA, so he didn't have to spend as much time in Finland as before. Maybe the timing was really perfect for them this time.  He knew Adam would tour, but he was sure he'd handle it better this time. 

Finally getting a dog might even help him feel less lonely at home. Sauli never stopped missing Hercules.  He and Adam had wanted a dog for a long time, but it wasn't feasible before.  The thought of jogging with Adam and their new dog in the Hollywood Hills made him feel wistful, and he wanted to make it a reality.  Sauli knew friends would think that he was moving way too fast;  but being in Adam's arms again, he felt they could handle anything together, and it felt amazing to feel that way again.  

Neither one had realized how much they'd missed each other, and they weren't about to let each other go.  Both kept saying, "I missed you" and "I missed this", their new mantra.   Were they in love with love, or was this real?  Sauli believed their shared hope gave them the courage to come together again, and moment by moment they'd find out if they were meant to be together.  All that mattered was how they made each other feel, and it was feeling damn good in all the ways that mattered.  Did they each have the key to the other's heart?   They hoped so, which was a good way to begin again. 

Sauli Koskinen, Before Meeting Adam Lambert & After


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