Saturday, October 26, 2013

GLEE PREVIEW: STARCHILD & KURT + Elliot's From New Jersey!

From Carter Matt:

Hopefully, it will not be very long at all before we have an opportunity to listen to Adam Lambert’s performance of “Marry the Night” on “Glee “; as a matter of fact, it could be posted online by this time next weekend (or at least some point before Sunday evening, if past trends hold).
But for now, we have a tiny bit of scoop to share from Lambert himself about how his Elliott “Starchild” Gilbert is going to get along with the man who he is actually auditioning for: Kurt Hummel. Not only does a new Entertainment Weekly piece give us at least one more hint about the character’s background (he’s from New Jersey), but it also presents us with the following quote that is just one tiny bit of insight into how it will take a little time for all parties involved to really get it together:
“As far as the character goes, at first Kurt and Starchild don’t quite click, but then they click. It’s definitely a work in progress.
Starchild originally shows up in “A Katy Or a Gaga” to audition for Kurt’s new “Madonna cover band,” and does so with the aforementioned Lady Gaga song.What comes from there is a heated deliberation as to whether or not he ends up getting the gig, since most of Kurt’s nervousness seems to be based out of the anxiety that this guy may have a personality and performance style so over-the-top that it even puts him to shame. 
Entertainment Weekly Writer:
Just chatted with about his Nov. 7 episode 'A Katy or A Gaga.' It's gonna be huge, y'all!
Remember how much Adam hated the show "Jersey Shore"? Even a mild Jersey accent will be funny to me, lol!

Elliot: I'm gonna sing "MAIRY THE NIGHT"!
2. New Jersey Accent
Proper North Jersey Pronunciations & Common Phrases:

War-der (Water)
Daw-der (Daughter)
Tawk (Talk)
Dawg (Dog)
Ax-cent (accent)
Wud-ever (whatever)
Jur-zee (Jersey)
Draw (Drawer)
Muh-ree-uh (Maria)
Merry (Mairy)
Mairy (Marry)
Mair-reed (Married)
Mair-ridge (Marriage)
Dewsh-bag (douche-bag)
Yew (you)
Fuck-yew (Fuck you)
Fukket (Fuck it)
Fuck-dat (Fuck that)
Fuh-get (Forget)
Fuh-got (Forgot)
Fuh-gedda-boud-dit (Forget about it)
Itz-fuh-gotten (It's forgotten)
I-doe-know (I don't know)
What-cha-do-in? (What are you doing?)
Whad-jew-do? (What did you do?)
What-sup-witch-yew? (What's up with you?)
What-da-fuk-issup-witch-yew? (What the fuck is up with you?)
Lemme (let me)
Lemme-tell-ya (Let me tell you)
im-go-in (I'm going)
im-gunna (I'm going to)
Siddy (City)
Tha-siddy / Duh-siddy (New York City)
Yew-go-in-to-duh-siddy? (Are you going to New York City?)
Jew-go-to-duh-siddy? (Did you go to New York City?)
Where-yew-go-in? (Where are you going?)
Where-jew-go? (Where did you go?)
The New Jersey Accent in use:

Joey: Hey Vinny, yew dewsh-bag. What-sup-witch-yew? Where-jew-go last night? Jew hang in Jerzee?

Vinny: Nah, I hung out in duh-siddy wid-dat chick Merry wit da Brooklyn ax-cent. Whad-jew-do?

Joey: Jew-bang-er?

Vinny: Nah, we just tawked.

Joey: Yew gonna mairy er?

Vinny: What-da-fuk-issup-witch-yew? Fuh-gedda-boud-dit, man. Whad-jew-do last night?


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