Sunday, April 28, 2013


Enhanced pic of Adam and @DayBeatG

Arriving at Bootsy Bellows Sat night, April 27 for Danielle's birthday party. Neil and Leila were there, Sauli, too. Guy in red looks like Terrance's boyfriend:



Adam Lambert's Glam Is Glowing! (PHOTO)

Adam Lambert's glam is so powerful that IT GLOWS.

If any of you Glamberts have wondered what it'd be like to spend an evening ou t with Adam Lambert (WE WONDER THIS EVERY SINGLE NIGHT), please enjoy this fantastic photo of Adam WERQUING some flashy heart-shaped glasses while out with his BFFs. Besides the obvious note that Adam looks good in any pair of shades , we've just been handed some breaking news: Adam's glam is so powerful that it glows! Those shades are pulsing at 100 Glam-a-Watts of pure sexiness! (Which is now officially a legit measurement of energy soon to be taught in every science class.)
The "Ray Of Lig ht " singer shared his photo on Instagram with the caption, "Back in Japan...," and we are IN LOVE with Adam's attempt at being goofy with that "Derp" face. (LOL! Nice try, Adam, but your "neck porn " and leather pants will forever outweigh any attempts at being dorky.) But we're mostly loving that our Prince of Glam never misses a chance to remind the world to have fun, be yourself, and to not give an EFF what anyone thinks. While some people hit up the club acting like VIP big deals, Adam ain't got time for that -- PUH-LEASE. Adam's all, "Haters can hate, but I'm ALWAYS gonna illuminate."


First edit was by TaraS101:


Pauley Perrette, lightened to show Sauli in bg on A's side


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