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ROUND & AROUND & AROUND & AROUND WE GO: Clubbing & Interviews

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He posted on his FB, see fanboy caption! 

 I don't think they're dating.  First the hastags, below, then the "AL and I last night!" on his FB.  I paid attention because I wanted that gossip ph to be wrong.

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Adam wore his T on AI, singing Black Or White:




Wire Magazine • Glam & Glory

Glam & Glory

(Photo Credit: Lee Cherry)
By Antwyone Ingram
Taking the world by storm with his unconventional approach to the often fabricated genre that has become pop music, Adam Lambert, in all of his glam-rock glory, is prepared to enamor audiences as he headlines this year’s Miami Beach Gay Pride.
 An overnight sensation, Lambert’s unapologetic and unfaltering rise to stardom has put him in the forefront of the music industry, historically breaking the mold as the first openly gay artist to top the Billboard 200 charts at No. 1. Fearless, inspirational and an LGBTQ beacon of fortitude, Lambert has utilized his notoriety to promote equality and raise awareness of the gay community. A two-time GLAAD Media Award nominee, Lambert will be honored at the 24th Annual GLAAD Media Awards with the Davidson/Valentini Award for “making a significant difference in promoting equality for our community,” further reasserting why he has become far more than a household name.

 “Adam Lambert’s continued success as one of the world’s best-selling pop stars shows LGBT people that they can be themselves and make it in a mainstream industry that many feel unfairly rejects them,” said GLAAD’s Wilson Cruz.

Wire Magazine caught up with Adam Lambert amid a whirlwind of recognition and touring to get the scoop on his rise to fame and what he has in store for Miami Beach Gay Pride!
How’s life been since your rise to fame back in 2009?
Busier and far more interesting!

How does it feel to be headlining the 5th Annual Miami Beach Gay Pride?
I’m honored to represent my community at this celebration of freedom.

What does Gay Pride mean to you?
We have made progress the past few years in terms of equal rights and general tolerance. I’m proud of that! I’m proud that we are now more mainstream; our voices matter.

Why do you feel it is important to have a more proactive role in the LGBT community?
I feel that as a celebrity it’s my responsibility to use my visibility for causes greater than myself. The idea that I can help encourage pride for those who may be struggling with their identity is very rewarding.

What can your fans expect from your performance during Pride?
A great, high-energy dance party!

Is this your first time performing in Miami? If not, how does performing in Miami compare to performing in other cities?
Miami is spicier! I’m actually recording parts of my latest album, Trespassing in Miami. I like the mentality and weather.

What’s next for Adam Lambert?
I’m working on a few different projects. I’m very excited about Life Ball in Vienna in May. If you aren’t familiar, look it up − it’s a huge spectacle of a fundraiser.

How do you feel about the level of success that you have achieved? What does it mean to you?
Success is relative − I may have my career highs and lows, but all of it is an amazing step up from where I was five years ago. I am my own boss and I get to do what I love as a career. I feel very fortunate and I plan to keep measuring success in the happiness I get to share with my family, friends and fans.

Last year you told UK-based Pressparty that you were “a post-gay man working in a pre-gay industry,” and that you felt the LGBT community was just at the beginning of mainstream music. Do you feel the community is making further strides?
I still sometimes feel like an outsider in the music industry, but I suppose that gives me a stronger point of view as an artist. I’ve always felt a bit alienated. It’s what makes me who I am. I’m proud to represent something alternative to the status quo. In Pop, that’s both a challenge and a privilege.

In an industry that prefers to pigeonhole talent, how difficult is it to continue to express your many facets musically and personally?
It’s true that sometimes the categorizing that happens makes it tricky to express myself fully. We all tend to put artists in boxes to be able to understand them. Unfortunately sometimes it narrows our view of the person’s dimensions. However, I feel that this challenge helps inform my material and create stronger connections with those who “get it.”

How did it feel to receive a second GLAAD Media Award nomination for Outstanding Music Artist?
It’s a great honor! It’s really nice to be recognized for my work and how it’s received by my community. Makes me very proud.

This article was originally published in Wire Magazine Issue #15, 2013 


Adam Lambert Headlines Miami Beach Gay Pride

American Idol has been part of pop culture for the last 12 years and has introduced us to many talented singers who have gone on to become worldwide phenomena’s. However, it is my opinion, that the best singer they ever had on American Idol (ok, I admit it I am a AI junkie) was Adam Lambert. Imagine my surprise when I found out that not only is he an incredibly gifted artist, but a really nice, down to earth, person as well. He made me feel like I was just chatting with my buddy. Stardom has clearly not changed the wonderful human being Adam is. It was a real pleasure to do this Hotspots exclusive Interview just days before he appears as the headliner at Miami Beach Gay Pride. 
 AdamLambert-pic1At what age did you know you loved music and when did you first realize you wanted to be a singer/recording artist?
I was doing musical theater growing up and when I was 14 I got a solo and I realized I might be good at this. At that point I realized I would probably be in the entertainment business as a career, but I didn’t see myself as a recording artist till I was in my 20’s.
Who were your inspirations/mentors in life and in the music industry?
There were a couple growing up: Alex Urban and Lynn Broils, and now a small circle of friends in Los Angeles.

What made you audition for American Idol?
When I started getting into recording and writing I realized it was more difficult to break into as a 27 year old gay guy in musical theater. I thought getting on TV was a great move and it worked...YAY!

In your opinion, what was your defining moment on Idol?
Mad World is what people seem to think, as it connected with a lot of people. My personal favorite was a Whole Lot of Love by Led Zepplen, as it had never been on the approved song list before I sung it.
AdamLAmbert-pic2How did it feel the first time you heard your song on the radio?
It was bizarre and completely exciting. It was a surreal experience and very validating.
How did it feel to go back and be a mentor on Idol?
That was really cool and I took it as a big compliment. I like to help people and I definitely have a lot of opinions...LOL!
You have toured all over the world, what has been your favorite gig and favorite city?
Hard to say, but Australia and Asia are awesome. Also, Paradiso in Amsterdam is an amazing venue to play.

You have been on so many magazine covers, what has been your favorite and why?
I would have to say Rolling Stone, because it’s Rolling Stone. Detail’s was a cool shoot as well.
You have such a unique fashion style, where did it come from and how would you describe it?
I honestly don’t know how to categorize it. It’s definitely kind of a rock and roll attitude with a modern avant garde twist.

You have given so much of your time and money to charity. First, thank you, and second what drives you to give back?
I feel like it’s my responsibility. I have a fabulous lifestyle so it important to turn it around and give back. When I highlight a cause my fans are so great they take off with it. Its Karmic balance!
How does it feel to be a Gay Icon?
It feels good and I am complimented and flattered by it. I try and take the role on with as much care and poise as I possibly can.
AdamLambert-pic3It was just announced that you will be receiving the GLAAD Davidson/Valentini Award in May, how exciting is that? (Promoting equal rights in the gay community)
I am really excited for the awards show in San Francisco. GLAAD is expanding and making a lot of cool changes. It’s amazing to be a part of it.

What do you do for fun and what would people be shocked to know about you?
I am taller then everybody thinks I am. I like going out and talking to people. Just last week I went out and met friends at a bar in West Hollywood.

What should Miami Pride expect from your performance?
Expect a lot of energy. I am bringing 2 of my dancers who were just on tour with me and we are going to throw it down.

What’s ahead for Adam Lambert?
I have a couple of things brewing with my great management team. I do have a new recording project in the works. After that, I want to see what else, other than music, I can experiment with.

For more information on Adam Lambert go to his website at: 

Written by Ian Maloney Wednesday, 03 April 2013 10:48

Diarios-pic1Por primera vez permito que un solo evento tome toda la columna de Diarios, y ese es Miami Beach Gay Pride. Pensé que sería apropiado ya que el MBGP tiene tantos eventos que se llevan a cabo en tantos lugares de nuestra ciudad. En su 5ta edición, este año el honor de Gran Mariscal del evento está a cargo de una mujer que ha sido clave e instrumental al momento de lograr una celebración del orgullo en esta ciudad. Esa mujer es la alcaldesa de Miami Beach Matti Bower.
For the fifth annual installment of Miami Beach Gay Pride, the honor of Grand Marshal has been bestowed upon the woman who was instrumental in establishing a Pride celebration in the city – Mayor Matti Herrera Bower. Joining Mayor Bower for the Pride celebration will be international superstar Adam Lambert, chart-topping songstress Crystal Waters and the incomparable Lady Bunny. The Miami Beach Gay Pride parade and festival will take place Sunday, April 14, from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., along Ocean Drive between 5th and 15th Streets. This will be followed by the closing party entitled Play at Dream Nightclub (1532 Washington Avenue) 10:00 pm - 5 am; Cover: $ 25.00- 45.00
Diarios-pic2Following the parade, the Pride Festival gets rocking with local and international acts and performers. International singing sensation, Adam Lambert, will be Pride’s headliner, performing for Pride-goers from the Main Stage in Lummus Park just off Ocean Drive between 11th and 12th Streets. His performance is scheduled to begin at 8 pm. Prior to his performance, Grand Marshal Mayor Matti Bower and City Commissioners will present Lambert with the Key to the City at approximately 1:30 pm. from the Main Stage.
Pride is taking over the whole week and the schedule is as follows:
Diarios-pic3Monday, April 8 – features the Rainbow Flag Raising Ceremony at 6 pm at Miami Beach City Hall (1700 Convention Center Drive). 

‘American Idol’ star Adam Lambert headlines Sunday at Miami Beach Gay Pride

Pride performance for Miami Beach Gay Pride weekend

By Steve Rothaus | srothaus@MiamiHerald.com4/11/2013
Grammy-nominated singer Adam Lambert recently returned from a tour of Russia, where lawmakers have recently cracked down on gay-rights activists.
“In St. Petersburg, we had a little bit of a threat. There was some group or person who said they were going to hurt someone. It had to do with being out or gay. It was a little bit tense, but the audience was amazing,” said Lambert, perhaps the first pop musician to reach superstardom after he came out of the closet.
“It really makes you appreciate our freedoms and liberties in the USA,” said Lambert, who on Sunday is set to headline closing night of the fifth annual Miami Beach Gay Pride festival.
Lambert, who became world famous in 2009 as runner-up to Kris Allen on American Idol, promises to sing live in a free performance at Ocean Drive and 12th Street.
“A handful of songs are really fun, upbeat. Songs the LGBT community can relate to,” he says. “I have all kinds of fans and it will be cool to bring everyone together under this pride umbrella.”
The singer is coming to South Florida with an entourage of 17, including four band members, two backup singers and two dancers. He won’t be with Sauli Koskinen, his Finnish boyfriend of three years.
The couple — who were once detained after a brawl in a Helsinki bar — broke up this month, blaming their conflicting work schedules.
“It sounds very cliché, but we really are very close friends,” Lambert says.
Lambert grew up in San Diego, first performing in musical theater, then with a band and writing his own music.
“I fell in love with the idea of being an artist. That’s when I decided to audition for Idol,” he says.
Being on Idol also brings baggage. Some call it a “big karaoke show,” Lambert acknowledges.
“I have an international career because of this,” he says, “but in the music industry there’s a little bit of a stigma.”
Lambert, who recorded several songs from his most recent album, Trespassing, at Gloria and Emilio Estefan’s Miami studio, says he’s looking forward to headlining Miami Beach Gay Pride.
“I’m 150 percent proud of being gay. That’s who I’ve been since I’m 18,” said Lambert, 31, who describes himself as “an open book.”
The “Glam Nation” star says he couldn’t live in the closet.
“It’s a sacrifice of your own happiness. I don’t think anything is worth that,” Lambert says, adding that he is used to getting advice about his public persona.
“I have people around me who really love me and say ‘Hey, that’s too gay,’” he says. “And I have others who say ‘It’s not gay enough.’”
Lambert says it’s often a balancing act being a mainstream performer and also a gay activist.
“I try not to harp on it or get too preachy. I like to bring things up. I like to make people think or try to understand,” he says. “I have some songs in my repertoire that are geared to gay equality issues, but they’re also human issues. Somebody asked me whether it was appropriate for me to bring up ‘the gay lifestyle’ in a family show. And I said I’m not necessarily just promoting ‘the gay lifestyle.’ It’s a lifestyle of love, connection and freedom — and fashion. A lifestyle of being who you want to be. It’s everybody. Gay, straight and everything in between.” 

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