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Concert Review: Adam Lambert ‘LIVE’ in Singapore on March 8!

by Joey

Concert Review: Adam Lambert () 'LIVE' in Singapore on March 8!

He came (to Singapore), he saw (the crowd) , he conquered (our hearts). That much can be said about Adam Lambert, the man who made The Star Theatre packed back-to-back a total Glamfest. With three costume changes as striking as his personality – not one, not two, but three - and back-up singers and dancers every bit as fabulous as himself, it’s only too easy to say that Lambert’s first official concert here is a truly stunning one, even if it’s a shame that our interview with him was cancelled by his management.

Although Adam made a late appearance at about 8.20 pm, all was forgiven when he shimmied onto the stage to the rousing applause of the 4,500 strong audience and glaring strobe lights. Decked in a electric blue suit with a thunderbolt emblazoned to the back of his blazer, he opened the show with his debut single, If I Had You. I was instantly starstruck by his stage presence – and it’s not because of his statuesque figure - I’m sure other Glamberts felt the same way too. The atmosphere was thick with glamour and in the words of Adam, “The night is young.”
After getting everyone all hyped up and raring to go, Adam followed up with appetizers Naked Love and Cuckoo, which his adoring fans lapped up straight away. His next song, Never Close Our Eyes, the sophomore single from second record Trespassing, was met with even greater screams and excitement. I have to say that it was a much better choice than original single Better Than I Know Myself, which did just average on the charts.

One thing that stood out to me most were the fans who dressed up to the nines and zeroed in on the unspoken theme. No, it’s not a Wiz Khalifa song, it’s Trespassing. But after Pop That Lock, Adam disappeared for a few moments and came out later in a dashing spiked-at-the-shoulders grey blazer and taut leather pants. I’m sorry Glamberts, Adam has one-upped you!
Without hesitation, he broke into a high octane performance of Chokehold and Shout, flanked by two gorgeous back-up dancers who are as lithesome as cats. The energy dipped when Adam announced he had a little surprise which turned out to be his smash-hit What Do You Want From Me. He took it slow and steady, hitting all the right notes and belting out vocal solos. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, Time For Miracles was next. Adam even did a little curtsy and bow at the end of the song, which made my heart skip a beat.

A surge of enthusiasm rippled through the audience during Outlaws of Love, which evoked strong emotions in Adam and also a perfect fit for the LGBT society. We even got a taste of his Bob Marley cover, Is This Love. It was then why I understood he collectively referred to his fans and himself as Glamily.
Adam did the disappearing act again, but fear not. His back-up dancers and singers were extremely amusing and did their own rendition of friendly tune Kickin’ In, donning huge afro wigs and outrageous costumes. And in true Glambert fashion, Adam later arrived in a black ensemble and a top hat. He strutted across the stage, flirting with his band members and the microphone stand. I swear if the mike stand could talk, it wouldn’t. It would just be overwhelmed with his sensuality.

Adam further oozed sexiness whilst he sang For Your Entertainment and fun number Fever. There was booty-shaking, swaying, leaping – proof that Adam is a born performer and dancer. This went on during Queen’s Dragon Attack and Shady, where he managed to sneak in some En Vogue lyrics (Free your mind and the rest will followBe color blind, don’t be so shallow). 
And during the concert interlude, Adam bit back at his critics by saying his lifestyle is of “love, friendship, joy and fashion”, and he accepts anybody who wants to be part of that lifestyle. Post Idol and he’s doing so great, so who’s laughing now? You tell ‘em, Adam.

Alas, who could forget about his single Trespassing? His final costume change was his signature studded black and yellow jacket and I’m left in awe of how perfectly coiffed his hair is after all that performing. Lastly, Music Again sealed the deal to a wonderful night, leaving nearly all of his followers quite voiceless, breathless, but very glad.

Set list:

  1. If I Had You
  2. Naked Love
  3. Cuckoo
  4. Never Close Our Eyes
  5. Pop That Lock
  6. Chokehold
  7. Shout
  8. What Do You Want From Me
  9. Time For Miracles
  10. Outlaws of Love
  11. Is This Love (Bob Marley cover)
  12. Kickin’ In
  13. For Your Entertainment
  14. Fever
  15. Dragon Attack (Queen)
  16. Shady
  17. Trespassing
  18. Music Again
Photo credits: Hype Records

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Adam Lambert finally brings his Glam rock to Singapore with his first-ever concert in Singapore on 8 March 2013! It’s been just over 3 years since he first made a name for himself on American Idol and it’s safe to say that winning isn’t everything!
Since those Idol days Adam Lambert can be counted on 2 things! The first, staying true to himself! The second, putting on one hell of a performance as he did at The Star Theatre!

Adam Lambert Live In Singapore Concert 01

I had the honour of introducing him on stage via voice-over and after he leapt on, his showmanship just took over in a magical performance of lights sound and colour!
He performed many of his hits and even wowed the crowd with his versatility performing a 2 reggae numbers including the hit from Bob Marley, Is This Love.
Of course there was always room for one his favourites, Tears For Fears’s Shout, done Glambert style and to the approving applause of his fans.

Adam Lambert Live In Singapore Concert 02

Last year Adam Lambert also had the privilege of performing alongside Queen and so he decided to entertain the crowd with the song, Dragon Attack. From where I was sitting it felt good because I’ve always thought of Adam Lambert as the next Freddy Mercury but somehow each time he does a Queen song he just owns it in his own way.
There were of course a few intimate numbers and the lighting at The Star Theatre certainly helped set the mood as crowd numbering thousands sang along to songs like “Whadaya want from me”and “Time for Miracles”
Adam then wrapped up the show with an encore performance of “Music Again” which by then had left the crowd saying….”if only we could have more” Adam Lambert has shown that he is no longer just an American Idol alumni but a music icon of his own!

Adam Lambert Live In Singapore Concert 04

We’ve got lots more Adam Lambert Concert photos and they can be viewed at our Facebook page!

Adam Lambert flaunts both style and substance at Singapore show via

: ADAM LAMBERT hits back at concert protesters: 'The only lifestyle my shows promote is one of love'.

: Adam Lambert stings back at his critics and fans went wild at his glamorous concert on Friday.  


Parents at Lambert gig: So what if he's gay

By Charlene Chua
The New Paper
Wednesday, Mar 13, 2013
SINGAPORE - When Adam Lambert launched into his hit Whataya You Want From Me, the answer came loud and clear from his Singapore fans: "We want your talent, never mind your sexual inclination."
Or to put it in typically succinct Singapore fashion: You're gay. So what?
The out and proud US pop star, known for his flamboyance and boldness when expressing controversial opinions, had addressed his sexuality when he met the local media last week.
His "message" - that of love and acceptance - followed a complaint made to the National Council of Churches of Singapore two weeks ago.
Lambert's concert also received an Advisory 16 rating a few days before his concert for his two songs Outlaws Of Love and Shady, which centred on being gay.
An Advisory 16 rating means that while the event's content may be unsuitable for younger people, there will be no age restrictions on admissions.
The complaint was over the use of a church-owned venue to host Lambert's concert, and the concern was that it may promote "the gay lifestyle".
The Star Performing Arts Centre, which is owned by a business arm of New Creation Church, saw him perform his first full-length 90-minute concert here to a near sell-out crowd of 4,500 passionate fans.
Tickets for the show did not come cheap - they were priced at $88, $128, $158 and $188.
But at the concert on Friday, the 31-year-old's ardent supporters seized the initiative and showed him just how much they adored him. The audience included parents with children, teenagers, yuppies, gays, straight people and even the elderly.
page 2
When Lambert broke out into Whataya Want From Me with his powerhouse vocals, the crowd seemed to be of one mind as they listened in silence till he sang the lyrics: "Thank you for loving me. You're doing it perfectly."At that point, thunderous screams and applause filled the arena. Lambert looked up, smiled and mumbled a surprise "thank you" after he finished the song.
Said civil servant Ashley Teo, 29: "I just think it was hypocritical of people to write in to complain because doesn't that mean that allowing singers who cheated on their partners or had children out of wedlock to perform here means that we are promoting THAT kind of lifestyle?
"I hope Adam realised that he was much loved tonight."
On the Advisory 16 rating, 30-year-old housewife Shereen Goh, who was there with her six-year-old son, said: "I took my son here because Adam makes such good music and he's a class performer.
"I want my son to learn that above all, he has to accept people just the way they are."
It was clear that the audience embraced the American Idol runner-up whole-heartedly as the excitement level rose whenever his male dancers danced intimately with each other or with him.
Lambert brought the house down when he grabbed his crotch, fondled his mike stand suggestively and stroked his male dancers' faces.
page 3
Egged him onIndeed, some in the audience wanted him to push the boundaries further, egging him on whenever he did anything audacious.
One male fan even recalled how Lambert had kissed his blonde guitarist Tommy Joe Ratliff onstage when he was here to perform for the F1 concert three years ago.
Said businessman Eric Cheo, 41, who was there with his wife and nine-year-old daughter: "I felt so embarrassed when I read about the complaint about Adam's show.
"What would he think of Singaporeans? To be thought of as close-minded, conservative and judgemental is so shameful when we regard ourselves as one of the most advanced cities in the world.
"My daughter loves Adam, and so do my wife and I.
"We explained to our daughter that Adam is gay and she understands that that is who he is, just like how a person's skin colour is a part of them."
Lambert performed about 20 songs from his albums For Your Entertainment and Trespassing, and covers of other hits. Crowd favourites included If I Had You, Time For Miracles and Outlaws Of Love.
He wore guyliner along with fingernails painted black, spiked jackets, platform shoes and what one woman fan called his "sexy crotch pants" - pants that were laced up at the crotch.
page 4
Local personalities were spotted in the audience, among them singer Kit Chan, plastic surgeon Woffles Wu and former politician Michael Palmer.Said marketing executive Jane Wee, 25, a fervent Lambert fan who was sitting in the second row: "I just hope that Adam didn't restrain himself after he heard about the complaints here.
"He is an amazing performer with such a beautiful voice. I would hate to see him hold back because we love him because of who he is."
Miss Wee scraped her knees badly while trying to fight off other fans for a Lambert guitar pick. She had at first stood up and blown kisses in Lambert's and Ratliff's direction, and was thrilled when the latter caught on and blew kisses back at her.
Ratliff then threw his pick in her direction and Miss Wee lunged forward along with other fans to grab the elusive guitar pick.
She managed to pick it up because she was the only one who went down on her knees to look for it.
In response to the controversy that was stirred upon his arrival here, Lambert said to thunderous screams: "Music brings us together. I'm promoting a lifestyle of love and friendship, music, joy and fashion.
"So whoever wants to come and be part of that lifestyle, we accept anybody."
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