Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Adam Lambert Breakfastonone, New Zealand Oct 11, GIFS

Asked about his musical training, 
Adam talks about his weather training.

Adam talking about fan telling him about
 the friends she's made because of him. 
 He loves the 'community'. 

Adam reacting to interviewer talking about glamberts 

Adam wants the right to marry but not
getting married anytime soon!

Adam says it's all fun.  Queen was an honor & he loves creating, performing his own music.

Adam on proving himself after Idol. 
"I like battles...I like challenges"

When Adam heard 500 mill pp would be watching Voice of China, he had to ignore it.  "Don't talk about it.  Don't talk about it!"

Cute hand motion!  Adam talking about Chinese gov't holding up the release of Trespassing.  "It's a tricky process"

Adam talking about the great experience he had
 in China,  especially about his duet partner

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