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QueenOnline on Tour: Notes From The Road Part 11

QueenOnline on Tour: Notes From The Road Part 11

Hello again, sorry for the radio silence, the back to back shows in Saskatoon and Edmonton were full on and then yesterday we had a much needed day off in Calgary. Many of the crew took advantage of the time off by catching up on sleep and doing a bit of shopping. It nice to see so many of us, band included, out and about enjoying the sunshine and the shops on 8th Avenue, which is the main drag for tourists like us to gravitate towards. I managed to get that hair cut too.
I took some time to catch up some e-mails and bit of work back in my hotel room for a hour or so, it's still all go elsewhere in the Queen world with the Live at The Rainbow release coming in September. I really can't wait for you all to see and hear it, I am really fond of it, but have also been measured in not delving into it too much because I still get a thrill from getting the finished product and taking it all in just like everyone else. Check out the latest trailer here.

Back to Calgary.
Poppy, who heads up wardrobe, claimed she was celebrating her "32nd" birthday yesterday, we all knew different of course, but that didn't stop several of us meeting in the hotel bar and purchasing some fancy overpriced drinks in her honour. Brian turned up too, he was in a fabulous mood, hugs and high 5s all round. Myself, Brian and the two Welsh Sound Wizards Kerry and Rob talked about how good the Edmonton show was and all of us commented on how 'up for it' the crowd were too. What was also great was how Dr. May then became the unofficial Birthday Party photographer! He was insistent on getting some great shots for Poppy's big day. I then sat at the bar with Neil and once again talked music. It really is getting a bit ridiculous now, we could chatter away for hours, days possibly, we even bumped into each other in the street earlier in the afternoon and stood there in beating sun discussing the merits of 'Hot Space' and the Rolling Stones 'Undercover' album.

You will always find Poppy's room near the band dressing rooms. She will be in there adjusting garments, fixing little bits, making sure shoes are clean, ordering laundry etc. She will always pop in to the production office (the main hub of backstage) listing little bits she needs for the runners to go out and get, for example in Edmonton she need some particular elastic and some sequins. 
She also oversees the 'dressing' of the dressing rooms. With each different venue, comes a different room, so she will direct on where the furniture goes, if they need another rug to fill the space, where plants are put, if extra lighting is required maybe, replenish candles, a few shows back Adam's room needed a new kettle, that sort of thing. 
During the show she will flit between the side of the stage incase of any 'wardrobe malfunctions' and the back of the stage in the ‘quick change tent’ to assist with costume changes. With Adam it is a two-person job, due to his accessories ☺

Other points of interest include: There are 9 flight cases for wardrobe and the dressing rooms in total; Poppy has a great cleaning tip that includes vodka that I was sworn to secrecy on. The last artist she worked for was Rhianna on which she had 4 assistants due to the number of changes and garments involved in the show. Poppy carries a different print out of the set list, which includes all the wardrobe changes, obvious I know, but it was interesting to actually see it. If required she will bring in a local seamstress to help with any major repair work. Oh and she’s lovely, but she’s still not 32…

I originally started writing this entry about technical bits and bobs on the tour and load in, but it was turning out to be rather dry and it was becoming a list of facts and figures, so I changed tact to what you have above. However, it did give me an idea for my NEXT update which will be Random Facts from the Queen + Adam Lambert North American Tour...and I mean random. It will be a collection of facts and figures, things I have found out about since being on the road and a few personal tit bits, a real mish-mash, and it should be fun.
See you tonight Calgary!


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