Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Adam Lambert At The Final Performance Of ‘We Will Rock You’ - A Report From a Glambert at Socialite Life

Adam Lambert Rocks Some Serious Fur At The Final Performance Of ‘We Will Rock You’

Adam Lambert Wears A Very Funky Fur Collar To The Final Performance Of 'We Will Rock You'

So, I have a very vague memory of seeing these photos in my very tired Saturday night stupor, then I fell a sleep and had a dream about Queen and totally forgot about them.
But lucky for you–and me–they popped up on my radar again today which means we all get to stare at super snazzy Adam Lambert! Yay! The singer wore quite the fur (collar?) coat on Saturday (May 31) as he attended the final performance of We Will Rock You in London.
Aww, the show is over. 
I was lucky enough to see We Will Rock You when it was in Las Vegas and I loved it. I mean, it’s a Queenmusical you guys, how could it not be great? Sadly the show closed in London before Adam had a chance to play Galileo, the main character. He would have 100% kicked ass. It’s OK, there’s always the revival.

Adam was so happy about Saturday night’s event, he even Tweeted about it:
I just can’t get over the fact that he’s friends with Queen. Like, he could probably call up Brian May just to say “hey.” This is what happens when you have amazing talent! And when you post these type of videos on Instagram with the caption, “Top o the mornin to ya.”

I love all of this. And I know you do too, so launch he gallery to check out all the photos from he weekend. There’s a special appearance by his awesome sparkly boots! And I promise that next time I won’t be so late on posting.


More pics and sources in this gallery: 


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