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THR & PopStar Articles Highlight Adam Lambert At American Idol Finale

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'American Idol' Season 12 Finale: Adam Lambert Tops 5 Best Moments


Stellar performances, laugh-out-loud skits and one priceless dig at "The Voice" were among the highlights of the 2013 closer.

Adam Lambert returned, Jennifer Lopez worked the wind machine, and Randy Jackson was honored with a farewell package featuring dogs, not dawgs. With season 12 officially in the history books, American Idol pulled out all the stops to make the 2013 finale memorable.

To that end, there was a little for everybody. For the AARP crowd, Frankie Valli and Aretha Franklin represented. For the younger set, Psy, Pitbull and The Band Perry. Then there were the judges -- Jackson strapped on the bass guitar twice for numbers backing Mariah Carey and Kree Harrison; Keith Urban gave viewers their white guy-with-guitar moment, and Carey looked stunning in a white gown.
Which moments stood out? Read on for Idol Worship's picks...

5) In a clever video package, Jordin Sparks reveals the real reason that all five boys were picked off one by one in the competition: none of them play guitar. The best zinger in the package came at the end, when the season six victor advised the boys to cheer up, as “Idol leftovers have been doing really well on The Voice.” Snap!

4) The top five boys don wigs in tribute to Nicki Minaj, which was funny in and of itself, but finalist Devin Velez stole the show with his big reveal: leopard skin spandex pants and butt implants. Can he wear that on the summer tour? Pretty please?

3) Janelle Arthur and The Band Perry rock out on stage. Arthur really turned it out with the high energy burner, “Done.” How cool was it to see Arthur head banging to that? Why couldn’t we have that kind of energy all season? Well done!
2) Candice Glover and Jennifer Hudson’s duet of “Inseparable” was an incredible moment -- an Oscar winner and the reigning American Idol champion! Too bad it wasn’t a duet of “And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going,” but that was last year’s finale.

1) Adam Lambert’s return to the stage to duet with Angie Miller on Sia’s “Titanium” was nothing short of perfection! Clearly, fans of the show miss seeing Lambert on the Idol stage -- perhaps he can return next year as a judge? "If they called me, I'd say, 'Where do I sign?'" he told reporters after the show. The moment was further amplified by the appearance of Miller’s personal Idol, Jessie J, and an invitation for the third place winner to join the singer in the UK. It's all about connections, after all...


Adam Lambert Duets with Angie Miller For American Idol Finale

Chivalry isn't dead

As Adam Lambert and third-place contestant Angie Miller took the stage on Thursdays' American Idol finale to perform a duet of Sia's hit "Titanium," audience members and viewers were instantly captivated. What could easily have become a battle of "who can sing over who" between two powerhouse singers resulted in  a perfectly balanced and well-blended performance instead.
Any Idol fan in the northern hemisphere is already keenly aware of Lambert's charismatic vocal power (not to mention his scene-stealing stage presence), yet on this occasion, Adam held back.
This was about Angie.

The duet brought us back to a time when artists did not necessarily feel compelled to step all over one another, competing for the best stage position, camera angles, and power notes amidst a host of gratuitous dancers. It's what an authentic duet is supposed to look (and sound) like. 


How refreshing and utterly charming to see them both relax within the song, gazing into each other's eyes and simply surrendering to the moment - a moment, in all honesty, that passed too quickly to make room for Jessie J. (Despite being all but dismissed by host Ryan Seacrest at the end of the set in favor of Jessie J, Lambert  maintained a gracious and unassuming smile for viewers.)

Kudos to both of these Idol-bred singers for their flawless vocals and beautifully executed harmonies. They are kindred spirits, musically, who's brand of performing will always be in style.

Finally, props to Lambert for showing us that being a gentleman has never gone out. 

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