Thursday, December 25, 2014

Poem for Adam Lambert: "Black Swan" by Valerie

Black Swan

by Valerie   Nov. 2009

Unexpected, unpredicted, unannounced

Emerging from shadow

Merging with darkness

Flash of onyx-blue

Iridescent plumage

On smoke-glass water

Soft feathers rustle

Strong pinions beat still air

Kohl-limned eye

Holds your gaze

Sinuous neck

Entreats your touch

Seduced by dark beauty

Male siren song

Heralds things unimagined

Black Swan thought he was

The Ugly Duckling

Now challenges

With unapologetic beauty of being

Collage & GIFS made with enhanced pics of swan overlay by LalaLambrit for Valerie

"One of the TALC ladies was talking about 'Black Swan Events' (Nassim Nicholas Taleb's theory) vis a vis Adam - something unexpected capturing everyone's imagination. It was before the movie, 'The Black Swan' & doesn't have anything to do with that."

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