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Going Glambert March 7, 2013 Interview Singapore

Going Glambert

Thursday, 07 March 2013 / radar / sonia tregilgas
Sitting in a small, intimate hotel room at W Hotel, Sentosa this morning and waiting for Adam was a very exciting affair. Arriving late last night in Singapore, Adam Lambert enters the room looking fresh and as handsome and stylish as ever despite having a very busy schedule touring the world. Rocking his signature black nails and guyliner, he looks just like you would imagine him to.
Wow, you’re even better looking in real life!
Energy does a lot more than a photo does, doesn’t it?
So, are you watching American Idol this year?
I was watching it a little bit at home but not really, no. Is it on TV here?
Yes it is!
Oh good! It means I can watch it then! It’s a lot more diverse this year as far as I can tell. What’s kind of beautiful and progressive is that they’re not labelling the participants. So it’s rather tasteful. But I don’t know any of their names yet. I’ll wait ‘til they get to the tanned, good ones! [Laughs]
How differently do you think your career would have turned out if you hadn’t have participated in American Idol?
It changed everything. I’m really thankful to American Idol. When the auditions came up in conversation with some friends, I thought maybe that would be the great way into the music biz having done a lot of theatre work. That way the general public can decide whether they like what I do and a record label would come my way eventually. Being in this industry for four years since Idol has been interesting because there’s a stigma with TV shows. Not everybody that gets on there gets through. It is a bit of a challenge, getting out of the shadow of a TV persona.
Your latest album is called ‘Trespassing’. Have you been guilty of trespassing or any other misdemeanours?
[Laughs] No I’m pretty good. I mean the idea of Trespassing is really a metaphor for breaking new ground, taking new risks and going forward with something that’s not an instant fit for you. You have to have faith in yourself and go for it which is very personal to me and my life. Trespassing is a way of saying just; go for it. Trespassing is predominantly autobiographical, but it is also about trying to find a common ground with all my fans. Because, we are all very different, and from different parts of the world but we all go through the same stuff.
Do you ever feel people trespass into your personal space?
Oh I get trespassed into my personal space all the time! Were you at the airport last night?! [Laughs]
So how do you draw the line?
I think part of drawing a line is shrugging it off and saying “well, it is what it is”. What I’m trying to learn this year, is that part of being in control of your life is knowing when to surrender. That’s my new motto.
A lot of artists have their pre-concert rituals they do before jumping on stage. What is your pre-concert ritual you do before you perform?
My backstage ritual is nothing too weird. I don’t sacrifice any baby goats or anything. I usually drink some tea. It’s a lot more vegetarian, my ritual. I do warm ups, some exercise. One of things I love about being tour is that when I’m on stage, that’s mine. Mine and the audience’s time together.
You have a very distinguished, strong style. How did you form your strong identity that you have now? Were you always this stylish and self-assured when you were younger?
Yes and no. Growing up doing theatre you have to put on a fa├žade of being self-assured. Underneath all that, I always have a struggle and I still go through things personally. I try to inspire people and make them feel stronger. I go through my own self-image issues, like everybody. I’ve definitely grown into myself more now than when I was younger. I always have an opinion. An important part about being an artist is having an opinion. It goes hand in hand. One of the difficulties about being a pop artist in today’s world is that if you have a contrary opinion, people get really offended. I don’t mean to be offensive if I disagree with something or someone. Talking about it and getting passionate about a debate is good for the mind, good for the spirit. It’s good to have strong opinions.
You are a fashion icon in your own right, who would you say is your fashion icon?
I kind of just take from what I see. I love high fashion and I’m pretty visual; if I see something in an editorial, I’ll remember it, or sometimes I’ll take a photo of something that I see and like. Obviously, I like things that are completely left field, something you wouldn’t consider as totally chic and kinda weird. I don’t take fashion too seriously in the sense that I get ridiculous sometimes. I can look crazy but that’s part of my expression. It’s music and I’m travelling so why not wear a crazy, feathered thing? Because I want to! It’s fun!
You have achieved so much so young, is there anything else you dream of achieving?
I wanna keep going with the Arts. If something happens on camera like a film or TV thing then that would be fun.
So what would be your dream role?
Ummm I don’t know. Maybe something funny? The vampire thing is too predictable at this point, isn’t it? Maybe a comedic vampire show? Well, there’s true blood, that’s funny! I wanna design and do things behind the scenes as well, like directing. Maybe go into fashion as well.
So maybe we can expect an Adam Lambert fashion line in the future, or maybe an appearance in a musical or TV show. Who knows! But what we do know is that the world really is Adam’s oyster and he is here to stay. Not only is he highly talented, but he’s incredibly grounded, down-to-earth and very charming and an absolute joy to interview.
Adam Lambert is performing at The Star Theatre on Friday at 8pm, to perform his current album, Trespassing.

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